Dawn’s Delight is my favorite granola because it’s the perfect mix of healthy and yummy! All of the flavors work so well together to make a fantastic breakfast – a bowl of Dawn’s Delight and half-and-half.


Have made pancakes with the Edgefield Blend for houseguests, and they were so yummy! Problem was then our guests didn’t want to leave and wanted those pancakes every morning!


This granola is amazing! I ’ve tried numerous granolas and never found one that won me over until I tried this. My favorite is the Klinkhart Hall Blend – I am hooked on it!. I’ve tried most of the flavors and really can’t say one is better than the other – it’s really about your favorite ingredients.


Myself and many friends agree – hands down – this is the best granola we’ve had. Favorite? Klinkhart Hall Blend. That’s why this granola will be on the menu when my Graham’s Coffee Parlor opens soon at 3406 State Street in Schenectady!


I am so grateful that Kathy and Curt have developed Rose’s Request. Finally, I can enjoy their delicious granola without seeds or nuts. Yummmmm!


Absolute favorite for me is the Clausen Farm Scottish Blend, which I put as a dessert topping on my ice cream and serve it with fresh raspberries and a little Chambord drizzled on top. Instant crowd pleaser for my guests!


A gentleman bought four large bags of Clausen Farm Scottish Blend at our debut Festival and called us and was very angry. He was angry because one bag “only lasted me until Half-Time."

The S.S.G.C.

Yummy granola!!!


Amazing as a breakfast or as a treat by the handfuls. But perfect as an added ingredient in a pancake or waffle batter or in a cookie dough.

Chef M.M.

Jack loves his [Dawn’s Delight], and he’s eating it like candy. And everyone loves your Granola Chip Cookies – they really do!


Picked these up today [Dawn’s Delight, Grapevine Farms Blend, Pure & Simple]. So yummy!


It [Klinkhart Hall] is a tasty blend!


Finally a natural granola product that tastes great! A handcrafted blend of fresh ingredients! Taste, texture, and crunch all in one bite.

Chef M.M.

Wonderful company with wonderful proprietors and wonderful product!


So happy you were in attendance at this event [Gilboa Museum’s Christmas Boutique]. I purchased large bags of your Clausen Farm Scottish Blend and Klinkhart Hall Blend. I am sitting here writing this message while snacking on the Clausen Farm Scottish Blend, sooooo goooood!!! I never thought of myself as a granola fan, but I think you have converted me.


A granola that makes you smile!


I’m glad to see the granola is doing good. Wish you were closer.


Attended craft fair this past weekend and purchased your granola, and we love, love, love it!


Bought the HarvestFest Granola in Sharon Springs at Graham’s Goods. It is delicious! Will be back to buy more.


Bought two types, and the first one I tried was fabulous. Tried the second and didn’t like it as much but brought it with me to Florida. Have been eating it since arriving in early December and now really love it. Can’t for the life of me remember why I didn’t like it as much as the first one. (That one must have been truly out of this world!) Point is I’m almost out and will be contacting owners to try and have some mailed.


Their booth is a must at Sharon Springs HarvestFest. Every flavor is delicious!