Giving Thanks

As we enter the holiday season, one of the traditions in our household is to reflect on what we are thankful for. We and our family, friends, and neighbors are healthy. We’ve heard from many of our followers. Some have contracted the this terrible plague and have recovered, for which we are thankful. Others have had family members and friends who did not survive. We grieve with them.

While all the events we were planning to attend in 2020 were cancelled, we are thankful that telephone, online, and wholesale orders, and the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market have done well. Sharon Springs Granola seems to have become a staple in many households and in this holiday season a gift worth giving. Kathy is managing to keep up with the orders. Curt has been working from home for nearly a year in his software engineering role. At the end of his working day, he helps Kathy complete the day’s production.

We are thankful for our dear friend Elizabeth Feinberg who made the wonderful toffee that was the “Scottish” in the Clausen Farm Scottish Blend. This year Elizabeth decided to retire her business. We are thankful for the three years Elizabeth was a part of our company. We wish her well.

We have much to be thankful for, especially for all of you who have helped us keep the lights on. We wish you a healthy and happy holiday season and a better year in 2021.

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