Kathy Merrick

Kathy Merrick making granola

Kathy Merrick, the owner and founder of The Sharon Springs Granola Company, grew up as an Army brat, exposed to diverse geography and cultures, both in America and overseas.

She was raised in a home where family and friends gathered to enjoy each other in an atmosphere of good food at a well-set table. Unsure what she wanted to be when she grew up, she came to this venture from a diverse background – caterer, luncheon chef in an Italian restaurant, dabbler in interior design, proofreader and copy editor, fire department dispatcher/emergency medical technician-I, church pastor, hospital chaplain specializing in trauma, town Welfare Officer, and paralegal.

Finally, she has realized her dreams with the full support of her husband, Curt! When not working in the computer field, Curt has embraced the title of “Chief Bottle Washer for the Cook,” tirelessly attending events and farmers’ markets with Kathy, hauling product, and sharing his passion for granola with customers. The company could not exist without his love and support.