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This flavor was developed with Yvonne Hamilton Gardiner, owner of historic Clausen Farm in Sharon Springs. This 47-acre summer estate was once owned by Henry Clausen, Jr. a New York beer titan of the late 1890’s. Clausen Farm has a storied past, having been a casino – with the country’s oldest one-lane bowling alley, a horse and llama farm, and a venue for special events. Under Yvonne’s guidance and restoration, Clausen Farm is currently back in the beer development business – to great success! Yvonne wanted a granola that would celebrate the bounty of the estate: apples, black currants, and walnuts. The toffee this flavor includes is a nod to Yvonne’s Scottish heritage.

Ingredients: *Gluten-Free Thick-Cut Rolled Oats, *Baked Apple Chips, *Zante Currants, *Vermont Amber Organic Toffee (*“No-Bits Toffee” Flavor – *Evaporated Cane Juice, *Unsalted Butter, *Brown Rice Syrup, & Kosher Salt), *Light Brown Sugar, *Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds, *Unsalted Sunflower Seeds, *Walnuts, *Unsalted Butter, *Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Village of Sharon Springs Water, & Non-Iodized Sea Salt.

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Clausen Farm uses toffee from

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  1. V.C.

    So happy you were in attendance at this event [Gilboa Museum’s Christmas Boutique]. I purchased large bags of your Clausen Farm Scottish Blend and Klinkhart Hall Blend. I am sitting here writing this message while snacking on the Clausen Farm Scottish Blend, sooooo goooood!!! I never thought of myself as a granola fan, but I think you have converted me.

  2. E.G.

    Absolute favorite for me is the Clausen Farm Scottish Blend, which I put as a dessert topping on my ice cream and serve it with fresh raspberries and a little Chambord drizzled on top. Instant crowd pleaser for my guests!

  3. Barbara Godbey-Miller

    Spectacular Granola
    I bought 3 different granolas at the Adirondack Wine and Food Festival in Lake George and couldn’t be happier. Great flavors and fresh ingredients are evident but the toffee was an unexpected surprise.

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