Jasper’s Joy


Jasper’s Joy was inspired by our friends’ son Jasper who is a charming and very loving boy. It is his picture which graces our label! He is the brightest, most curious child and has mechanical abilities far beyond his young years. If it is mechanical, he can take it apart, put it back together – fixing it along the way if need be – and tell you how each part works and why. And it will work better when he is done! His special loves are vacuum cleaners and granola. He eats granola every day and directed the ingredients for “his” flavor.

Ingredients: *Gluten-Free Thick-Cut Oats, *Maple Ginger Cashews, *Maple-Toasted Coconut Flakes, *Crystallized Ginger, *Cranberries, *Maple Sugar, *Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds, *Unsalted Sunflower Seeds, *Unsalted Butter, *Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Village of Sharon Springs Water, & Non-Iodized
Sea Salt

*Certified Organic Ingredients

$18.75 (17oz bag)


  1. Pam

    I have been looking for a gluten free granola and this one knocks it out of the ballpark! My husband loves it too and we ran out so we need more! Do not change this one EVER! Great flavors:)

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17 ounces