Sharon Springs Granola is Gluten Free

When we first introduced our granolas at the 2017 HarvestFest in Sharon Springs, one person asked if they were gluten-free. They were not – we used wheat flakes, barley, and non gluten-free oats. Since that time, more and more people have asked us if the granola has gluten in it. Realizing that this was becoming an important health concern, we tested making a granola that was gluten-free. That included changing the recipes by removing the wheat flakes and barley, and using certified gluten-free oats. We must admit that to our great surprise, we discovered that there was no change in either the taste or texture. So, in February 2020, we made the decision to make all of our granolas gluten-free. Now when we are asked if any of the granolas are gluten-free and we answer that they all are, we are rewarded with looks of surprise, double takes, and outright joy.

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